Centennial Rewards Program Privacy Policy

Effective Date: December 1, 2013

1. Introduction

The Centennial Rewards Program is provided by your Medicaid Health Plan and the New Mexico Human Services Department ("HSD"). This Privacy Policy describes how the Centennial Rewards Program collects and uses information received through this website. This policy does not apply to information that may be received by phone, text message, social media, postal mail, or in person.

2. Does this privacy policy apply to me?

Yes, by visiting this site, you are accepting the Centennial Rewards Program Privacy Policy. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY, YOU SHOULD LEAVE THE SITE NOW.

You may have reached this website directly or by clicking on a link on your Health Plan's website. You may also be subject to your Health Plan's Privacy Policy when you use this website. We recommend that you regularly check the policies for all websites that you visit to remain informed about how your information is collected and used.

3. How will I know if this privacy policy has been revised?

The Centennial Rewards Program may revise this Privacy Policy at any time, without prior notice. You are accepting all revisions by using this website after any revisions have been made. Any revisions will take effect when they are posted on this website. We recommend that you review it periodically to remain informed about the Centennial Rewards Program privacy practices.

4. What if I access this site from outside the U.S.?

This website is designed for use within the United States. If you access this site from outside the U.S., you are accepting that your information will be captured and stored by a U.S.-based server and will be subject to U.S. laws and regulations. You further accept responsibility for compliance with any applicable foreign laws and regulations.

5. What is an Internet "cookie?"

Internet cookies are small files stored by your computer's browser that contain non-personal information. Many websites use cookies to collect information about you. You have the option to delete or block these cookies using your browser privacy settings at any time. Deleting or blocking cookies may affect the functionality of this site.

6. Does this site use Internet cookies?

Yes, private Internet cookies are required to use the Centennial Rewards Program website. These cookies are not shared with third-party sites. We collect anonymous traffic data about visitors to this website using Google Analytics, including IP address, device type and capabilities, OS version, browser type and capabilities, number of visitors, length of visits, and time spent on pages.

We may use this information to evaluate your use of the site, compile activity reports for website operators, provide other services relating to website activity and Internet usage, and for any other lawful purpose. This data may also be shared with other third-party companies that administer the Centennial Rewards Program or to comply with a court order or other legal requirement.

You may refuse the use of cookies by changing the settings on your browser. The website may lose full functionality if you do so. By using this website, you consent to the processing of your data by Google in the ways described above.

7. What if I voluntarily submit personal information on this site?

If you voluntarily and affirmatively submit personally identifiable information (e.g., your name, e-mail address, phone number, credit card number, account numbers, etc.), the Centennial Rewards Program may use your information to:

Provide you with a more personalized user experience.

Process your application or registration.

Send you Reward Alerts when you earn reward points.

Process your rewards orders.

Reply to phone calls, emails, text messages, or other communications received from you.

Recommend learning modules or other wellness activities and programs.

Monitor, track, compile, and report your health status and participation in the rewards program.

Compile and report data to HSD and your Health Plan.

Protect the legal rights of HSD, your Health Plan, and the Centennial Rewards Program.

Comply with applicable subpoenas, laws, and regulations.

For any other lawful purpose.

8. What if I share personal information in a chat room or forum?

This Privacy Policy does not apply to personal information you may share in a chat room, discussion forum, bulletin board, or through social media. Any such information is not secure and may be visible to all visitors. We recommend that you carefully consider posting any information that may become public.

9. Does this site collect information protected by HIPAA?

Yes, the Centennial Rewards Program may collect information that is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1986 and related laws and regulations (the "HIPAA Rules").

The HIPAA Rules protect the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI). This includes information that personally identifies an individual or that may be used to identify an individual. Examples of PHI include:

Your name, address, date of birth, Health Plan Member ID, and Social Security Number.

Your past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition.

The provision of health care to you.

The past, present, or future payment for the provision of health care to you.

This site is designed to comply with the applicable HIPAA Rules. We collect PHI that you voluntarily submit when you register for the Centennial Rewards Program or take part in any wellness activities and programs made available through the program.

10. Does this site collect genetic information?

No, the Centennial Rewards Program does not collect genetic information for any purposes that are prohibited by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 ("GINA"). GINA generally prohibits health plans from collecting genetic information, including family medical history, prior to or in connection with enrollment, for underwriting purposes, or as part of a Health Risk Assessment.

11. Does this site collect Social Security Numbers?

Yes, the Centennial Rewards Program uses your Social Security Numbers when you register for the program. We may also use it to help confirm your identity when you contact Centennial Rewards Customer Service. We use advanced encryption, security technology, and strict procedures to protect your Social Security Number from unauthorized use or disclosure.

12. How do you use my personal information?

The Centennial Rewards Program does not sell any of the PHI we collect. In the course of business, we may share your PHI with third parties who provide services related to the program. We may also share your personal information with third parties such as the Centennial Rewards Card provider, health care providers, financial institutions, and HSD as part of administering the Centennial Rewards Program. We do not endorse or control the use of PHI received from any third parties.

13. How does this site protect personal information?

The Centennial Rewards Program uses advanced encryption, security technology, and other safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to this website and to maintain the privacy and security of collected data and information. We are not responsible for any harm that may occur if you voluntarily or accidentally disclose your PHI or personal information, including your User Name or Password, to any third parties.

14. Will you publicize my name if I earn a reward?

The Centennial Rewards Program will not use your name for publicity purposes unless you give us written permission.

15. Is information provided by email secure?

Email is an inherently insecure mode of communication. Emails may be misdirected, redirected, forwarded, or shared with or without your permission. We recommend that you carefully consider the information you transmit by email, especially personal information and PHI.

16. How do I correct errors in my personal information?

Call us at 1-877-806-8964 if you believe there is an error in your personal information on the Centennial Rewards website.

17. Governing jurisdiction and conflict of laws

This Privacy Policy is governed by the internal substantive laws of the State of New Mexico, without respect to its conflict of laws principles. By taking part in the Centennial Rewards Program, you agree that the exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute related to the program resides in the courts of Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

You further expressly consent to the exercise of personal jurisdiction in the courts of Santa Fe County, New Mexico in connection with any dispute involving the Centennial Rewards Program affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, contractors, officers, directors, administrators, and telecommunication providers.

18. Severability

In the event that any part of this Privacy Policy is found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, that part shall be deemed invalid or modified as required by such court, and the remainder of the Privacy Policy shall remain in full force and effect.

19. Entire agreement

Unless otherwise indicated, this Privacy Policy and the Centennial Rewards Program Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement with respect to your participation in the program and use of this site.

20. Contact us for more information

Call us at 1-877-806-8964 if you have questions or would like more information about the Centennial Rewards Program.


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